Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Fish fry Time!

We walked this morning and afternoon to Redmound several miles from DeSoto. We were invited to eat this evening up the road but for now while the hot hours of the day pass we are under the shade of the community center. I am sleepy, nice is dreaming and twitching as he dreams.


Anonymous said...

I had just seen a story about you and your travels on the tv on Friday am but did not know you were near us. We drove by your globe on Friday night on our way to our cabin near DeSoto, Wi but just thought it was a coincidence but now I wish I had stopped to say hi. I also have diabetes so want to say thanks for making people aware of the value of excercise for this disease.

Anonymous said...

i knew the people who were at the fish fry!!!! Im the daughter of one.