Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rooster crows early.

I did get up early and began walking before the sunrise, and sure as you're born some young man thought he should turn around on the highway and stop in the medium to yell at me from a distance that it was five o'clock in the bleeping morning. I guess he thought I was being unsafe and thought he should tell me so as he pulled off in the middle of the road as cars and trucks bore down on him at seventy miles per hour. Sure as you're born a few minutes later I had a nice conversation with the Clear Lake police officer who confirmed that I was safely away from the white line as I walked the shoulder, shook my hand and let me go on my way. It became light within the hour and I am sure the angry young man had something to crow about when he was supposed to be working. I enjoyed my day at work as well and walked into downtown St. Cloud. The winds grew strong late in the morning and I was glad I started at the early farmer's hour. I apologize (lying) for ruffling the feathers of the rooster's run.

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irishgall said...

Most of the people in Minnesota are wonderful people who have enjoyed reading about your journey.