Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Arlington

A short walk East to Arlington from Fremont will be overshadowed by a long walk tomorrow. Cold in the morning and a warm day in the fifties should make for good walking. An early bedtime will help to get me going for the coming day.
See you on the road!


Brittany Tompsett said...

I saw you walking on the highway today from fremont to arlington, and i just want to say that what you are doing is so amazing!! Its crazy, but at the same time its for a good cause! My younger cousin who is only 7 has type 2 diabetes. Keep up the work, and stay safe on the roads!!(:

-Brittany T.

Betty Hanes said...

We in Weeping Water NE are proud to have you stop in our litle town! Good Luck & God Bless! Thank you for all you are doing!!! Betty Hanes--Weeping Water, Nebraska