Thursday, July 23, 2009

Epidemic or Law of Attraction

I have been walking for over five hundred miles with my dog (Nice-the dog) and everyday I meet diabetics and others who either have or have lost friends and family with the disease, young and old, big and small. I would hope this is because of the law of attraction, but I know it is not so.

This disease is one of our silent epidemics and we need to do what can to get control. I am walking in memory of my mother who died from complications brought on by diabetes at 55. She was a state representative who did much for her district and state helping others, yet she was too busy for herself and paid the price. Hher brother, who is 82 now, has had diabetes since his forties, and is still around to know his grandchildren. I tell this story everyday, and it does not get old. For if I can influence someone to take charge and be around for the family who loves them, these months I spend on this journey will be well spent.

I am sitting by the road while Nice (the dog) sleeps under the shade of my little six-foot world. I have pushed into the wind all day and my progress has been slow. They people I meet against the wind make up for the labour. Had I had calm air, I would not have met the soccer team and the mother wearing an insulin pump. It must be the law of attraction. Surely this disease can't effect all walks of life so deeply.


ellimac said...

Hi Eric, I admire what you are doing for such a worldwhile cause "Diabetes awareness" and want to thank you. I took a photo of you on your walk just before the town of Lone Jack, MO. I would like to send it to you. It is a cell phone pic as i was coming up the road on 50 hwy.

I saw you yesterday about 9 miles just before pittsville, mo. on 50 hwy.

The best to you and your strong desire to raise diabetes awareness in this world..

I searched the internet to find out what cause had driven you to walk and roll..., i just knew it was a heartfelt journey..

thank you,

TechDude said...

I saw you today around 3 pm on 50 highway. Awesome.

Unknown said...

erik a.k.a. worldguy,your a huge inspiration to everyone in the area, my friend and i walked with you for about a half a mile today down 50 hwy, i cant thank you enough for what your doing. My mom is diabetic, and insulin dependant on a pump. my buddy jake as well, is the same. thank you for allowing us the honor of walking with you for such a short distance. your accomplishments are amazing, and i am glad to say i met you, i consider you a friend. i think you deserve more recognition than your getting for what youve done, especially for the reasons your doing this voyage. my crew and i will be in contact in case you need anything. god bless and godspeed to you my friend.

guinty said...

Erik, My two sons and I met you outside of Lees Summit, MO. We were having a pleasant conversation with you and two police officers dispatched to check if you were "OK". You are ok and your cause is great. I have not personally had anyone I know die or fallen ill to diabetes, but I thinks its important to bring awareness and fight it. You're a good man. When you and Nice make it to your destination of KC Kansas, drop me an email( so we know when you finished. Good luck at Pikes Peak, you'll do great. Steve