Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inspiration and our GPS

Yesterday as the day was coming to dusk, as I was talking with a couple by the side of the road who had brought Nice (the dog) a bowl of ice water, a SUV pulled up with an inspired line on each side: "make the change you want to see in your World" was the essence. I posted the pictures of the inspiring words on my FaceBook album from "july 23/09 I lost a day somewhere" where you can see for yourself the exact wording. I had phone numbers of three beautiful ladies who had offered help and support for the evening but took the help of the nice couple who were there at the moment. We have been blessed with so much support and encouragement, I thank you all!

We are getting through Lee's summit and SR50 is getting congested and the shoulder is running out so I will be staying parallel as far as I can and rely on the GPS (good people system) for my route to KC, MO and KC, KS.

I have only been walking one mile this morning, and have met many good people who have relatives lost to diabetes. So, I again urge you to get out and walk for their sake (your loved ones.) Have a great day.

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Ben said...

Good luck on your adventure. We were fortunate enough to meet you in Lee's Summit, MO late in the afternoon Saturday. You are truly an inspiration.