Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The long road continues thru Warrensburg and dining with Giants

As I walked along 50 yesterday I cam upon construction of a by pass which I walked thru. I rolled thru the deep trench and felt like a kid in a mud hole! Glorious! When I rolled up the other side and asked the track how operator to put the world in the bucket for a face book album picture made the mud was worth it. I then made my way to town and found a recreational vehicle store where they let me wash off the world (if it were that easy in life)and my shoes. The owner had lost his mom to diabetes and had rode the ADA ride for life so he was glad to help.
I walked on and found myself walking up the ramp to sr13, at the top of the ramp I met my support for the night who helped get the van and offered a place for the night. They were gracious and. Fed me a large meal. Being giants themselves (over 6' 5") they ate accordingly, I felt right at home and from Nice ( the dogs) cooing he was happy too..
Today is sunny and I am having lunch. Supplied by some playful hosts and will hopefully make some good progress towards Kansas with the sun and breeze in my face. Walk for health!

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Unknown said...

Hey I met worldguy today along 50 hwy in my black dakota with big shiny wheels. I saw this man originally 2 days ago in sedalia, n when id seen that he walked past warrensburg I knew he was doing something incredible. I took him some water. Thank u for u courageous walk worldguy