Saturday, July 18, 2009

The world is in the trenches

The wind was so strong all through the day. Rolling up the trenches was the only way.
Picking up spiders, ticks and gross hoppers for the ride of their lives.

We made it to Tipton and have had help to get ready for tomorrow.

Met a man on the road today who lost his mother as I did. We shared our stories of our mothers who were too busy helping others to help themselves. We shared that sorrow. I extended a warm handshake. So glad he left before we both broke down.

Some days are filled with these sad tales and unspoken looks of heartbreak. Don't be the subject of our stories, and walk for our sake.


Brenda said...

never commented on anything on the internet before but just wanted to let you know i am going thru a really dark time in my life right now not related to your cause but every time i read what you have posted and look at pics it puts a smile on my face that never smiles, god bless you for being a person that really makes this world a better place take care

Unknown said...

I saw you today on the highway...between Tipton and Sedalia. I was curious what you were up to and wanted to turn around and take a picture and see what you were doing - but my fiance didn't want to turn the car around.

Good luck on your expedition and your attempts to raise awareness amongst people!