Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top of the hill...

To those who are following along from the comforts of home, "HI!!!"

This big hill I was warned about was a good reminder of some of the rolling hills in Indiana and Ohio, and was nothing compared to the panhandle of West Virginia or the hill into Stubenville, Ohio. Not to say it was easy, it was not. The traffic of Saturday made it even more fun, having to get off and then on again, over and over, and over again. The thirty foot sharp bank was a good test of my concentration.

A couple of the local news orgs have given us some press and several people have searched us down to give us encouragement today (it's a muggy one) as we walked from shade to shade. Now we are resting atop this little hill before walking into town. Funny how used to the smell of roadkill I have become. There is a smelly one just a few yards away. Not strong enough to chase us out of this shade.

Have a good day and please go for a walk.

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