Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From grey morning to blue skied dusk

I really didn't think I would make it this far today. I have walked from Tebbetts (did I spell it correctly?) to Jefferson City at 54 and in sight of the capital and the bridge into the city. I am at the trail head of the Katy and it just became dark. 94 and the Katy trail have been a test, and at times secluded these past few days. Good for making time and reflecting on things. I spoke to maybe ten people today. I was interviewed by a Jefferson City TV news 17 reporter and heard we were on at 6pm from a passing man in a car. Oh, and near the end of the day as I stopped briefly at a trail-side bench there was the group of bikers who stopped for an iPod interview which Nice (the dog) liked because he enjoys the hunt for frogs next to their feet.

Some Thanks: There was the man who gave us a coke and a snack when we were being filmed for the news and the man at "the little house on the prairie" where we stopped for a glass of water and a "nice" nap. And especially, thanks to the woman and her daughter who I met as we were rolling out of Tebbetts that later drove my van here to the trail head (My GPS for the day! Good people support!)

All in all, I had a very good day considering the doubtful mood and the rain and exhaustion of this early morning, plus the washing-down of the fresh paint on the world that was still running when I left Tebbetts. I did have to renew my resolve with a self pep talk where I just needed to have faith the day would work out well and as it should. The Katy trail did give me time to let the demons of self doubt creep in along with the good reflections. I read somewhere to appreciate the good in the world whenever you pass a body of water. It has been raining a lot and there are many murky puddles. Yet I find inspiration everyday, like the woman who helped with the van (a healthy diabetic) before I had rolled fifty feet, stopping my doubts of the day. (Thank you!)

I guess the patrol car that just rolled through without stopping to tell me to move along from this parking lot is a good sign. I will nap a bit now and perhaps run the big bridge in the wee hours, or be safe and strap the world to the van. Decisions, decisions...

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