Thursday, July 9, 2009

I feel like a river

In a way, since I have crossed into Missouri, I have been like a creek or a river. They flow with the landscape, meandering this way and that, turning corners sometimes, almost heading back in the direction they came. This is how I have spent the last two weeks, making progress meeting just the right people at the right time and stopping to appreciate the scenery, like a rivers eddy that swirls in place as it heads downstream.

After these days of seeking the path to Kansas City, I hope the advise I've been offered found me on the most direct and relatively safe road to my destination. Yesterday as I was finally headed from Washington, we were called into the last business before we left town for a drink. A salesman who I had spoken to the night before came in for a call, and we talked of my plans. He redirected me one more time, suggesting a route no one had before. I only had to eddy back a quarter-mile, and I think his advise will be the best for our purpose. No roads are safe for a big ball, yet this one is headed west and looks to be a wise decision when looking at the map and listening to a man who drives these roads everyday.

Take care, and take in a walk today. I'm sure it will not be so hard on you.

Have a good day, Erik.

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