Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorial Way, to Weldons Pond, and now I'm in Defiance!

Everyday brings new and good conversation, the past day is no exception... from the man who followed us for miles taking pictures, to the scientist, a young man who's mother was just diagnosed with diabetes and was waiting for his own blood work to come in, or the good family who had me for dinner and a peaceful evening at the contemplative Walden's Pond (weldon?), or the many bikers along the Katy Trail where I now sit writing after a fine lunch in Defiance, MO. I am ever encouraged onward on our little walk across the heartland.
I am just checking-in before I go on down the trail, and again hope you can find time for a bit of walking to keep the blood flowing.

Thanks again to the GPS that helps me stay on track. (That is Good people System)

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