Monday, July 27, 2009

Friends and a coffee cup

All along this little walk we have met good people of all ages and color. Seniors, soldiers, children, and couples. This morning I reached in the cabinet for a random coffee cup, the writing on it said "In life's cookie, friends are the chocolate chips." I have been honoured to meet many as we pass through, and add that, in addition to chocolate chips, my cookies have had nuts and raisins too!

I have savoured the flavours.

Thanks to all whose random acts of kindness have sheltered us. This very help makes the World a better place.


Anonymous said...

I actually was working the day you walked through Lee's Summit. I'm a lifeguard at summit waves. I was having a particularaly rough day at work. I looked out onto the street in front of the water park leading onto fifty hwy. And I saw you. It put a huge smile on my face. I then saw you on the news a few nights ago. I completly support your walk, i think its a great thing. If you ever end up in Lee's Summit again let me know! I could probably get you into the waterpark for free!

Jenna Pugsley, Lee's Summit Missouri.

cuzzy said...

I have seen you twice now. Today on my way to work. I believe I have seen your truck as well. I think what you are doing is very cool. If I see you again tomorrow I will honk. FYI, I don't know if you know this, but Blue Parkway/Paseo area is not the safest area in Kansas City, its actually kind of dangerous so please you and your little dog stay safe! If you come up Brush Creek about 5 miles its a safer area. I'm sure the shop owners at the Plaza, Brookside, or Rockhurst University wouldn't mind you parking up there! Good Luck!

Lee's Summit

Anonymous said...

My grandmother passed away yesterday and I was having a particularly hard day finding the joy in life today. I saw you walking across the 12th street bridge today on my way home from work. Seeing a guy with a dog and a giant globe was surreal enough to make me smile. Thank you for a bright spot on a dark day.