Monday, July 13, 2009

I coulda' had a V-8!

Yesterday I left my gracious hosts at "the Inn" only to walk two blocks and an offer of a buffet style breakfast, in keeping with my experiment of not turning down food ( that would just be rude ) we stopped just before the 3rd bridge across the Missouri river. In talking with the proprietor he offered to help shuttle my van to the next stop of Rhineland. After the transfer and the goodbyes we headed across the bridge, then mid-way across the proprietor returned offering my. Backpack to me that I had left at the door to his office. I had forgotten all about the fifty pound burden as we walked away. He then offered to take it to my van so I could walk light. This had not ,until now,occurred to me. Use the van to streamline my load even more! I coulda' had a v-8!
I am now at Steedman at the end of the next day. I am tired and should review more of the past day but I must rest now from walking twenty four miles distance from the bridge

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STACEY said...

Erik- I seen you last Wed on Hwy 100, then Sun on the Hermann Bridge. I wish I would have known your story then, as I would have stopped and offered a good conversation and a cold drink. After wondering for several days, who you were, and what you were doing, I found your website and read the entire thing. You are very inspiring and I wish you well. My prayers and support are with you!! I am in Rhineland every week and hopefully will get the chance this coming weekend to see you along the road and stop !!! Walk on- Your friend from STL