Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KC to KCK , the bridge and the mountain left to climb

Today we rested at the home of our hosts who have offered to have us stay for a few days to recuperate before the next leg of our journey. I want to thank them now before I go on with my little posting.

I spent the day sleeping and writing a post that at the days-end I finally completed. I asked my hostess to read it before I posted which she did and cried. It made me cry, and I wrote it. Then I lost it when my p.o.s. Blackberry locked-up, showing an error that was unreconciled. I have been beside myself for three hours hoping it would come to it's senses. It did not, so I am left to tone it down and write again about my last day in Kansas City, Missouri, my walk into Kansas, and the people I met during the day. Again. Before I do I am going to post this and take a nap.

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