Friday, July 17, 2009

First mile marker sign to KC and the humble wind blows

As we walked just past the school parking lot where we slept last night, we came upon the sign that showed 111 miles to Kansas City. Excited, I quickened my pace. The swift wind, as always, tempered my enthusiasm by blowing and gusting from the west at my face. I again set about the slow and deliberate pace against the humbling forces of nature. Reminding myself that the wind always allows me to get where I need to be at the appropriate time. Soon, a teen missionary and her mother came by who had seen us but had been unable to stop the day before. A heart warming meeting. Then as we came to a hilltop, a young man who works at KFC brought us a warm lunch which Nice and I have just enjoyed here under the slightly available shade. I am writing as my cheek is brushed by the low blowing branch of a cedar tree. Thank you wind!

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