Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Tipton to the night

We walked eighteen miles yesterday. I wrote last night but I think my blackberry was playing editor and the post was lost. This morning I am about six miles east of
Sedalia. I was talking to two young men in the dark last night about a mile from where we are now. One of the men's girlfriend was at a bar in Sedalia saying she was waiting for the guy with the world to roll past. I am not that fast! We had help to move the van late yesterday, and spotted it at about the only place along the road that was off the emergency lane which necessitated the long day.

I did enjoy the long walk and the blanket of stars when we arrived. I even saw a shooting star.

It is cool this morning. The weather has been very nice despite the wind during the day. Luckily, the last ten mile yesterday was without the tempering wind.

I met many good people, too many who were diabetic: a woman with a pump, another who became diabetic as a side effect from another disease, a man who had lost over two hundred pounds since his diagnosis five years ago, as well as too many others who have this epidemic scale disease. We all could benefit if cures were found for diabetes. Aside from healthy diet, walking, biking, and other exercise, help is needed for those who suffer from more extreme forms. So, please give to my FaceBook cause link or the others here on this site.

Sorry to be pushy about this world wide problem, but some more research and help is needed than simply walking and diet.

I will most likely reach Sedalia today. Enjoy this fine Sunday!


Zach said...

Saw you on the road in Tipton last night on our way back from the Lake.

Your journey is extraordinary. Best of Luck to you!

Unknown said...

I met you at a gas station in Sedalia. GOD BLESS YOU and GOOD LUCK!

Kat said...

Being the "dude" girl in Sedaila, I honestly thought that in looking for the "Earth" guy, I would meet someone not firing on all cylinders.

Instead, I was met (or really, you met me) with someone that was,....well seemingly, normal.

I still think you are nuts, but, well, I find myself facinated by you. You seem normal....

I understand the hurt, but what in the hell gave you the idea or motivation to do this?

I truly wish you safety and peace, and hope to see you again. In this lifetime.


Unknown said...

I saw your ball at Cork and Bottle outside of Sedalia yesterday. I didn't know what it was about but, I thought it was neat so I snapped a picture. I have searched the internet until I found you. Only to find you are walking for diabetes. I lost my father on April 14th this year to this awful disease. My mother also has it as do I. I cannot thank you enough for bringing awareness to others.