Friday, July 24, 2009

Under the shade of the World

It's hot and late in the day so Nice (the dog) is sleeping comfortably under the shade the World provides while I sit on a rock ledge at the top of the on-ramp from Lone Summit (sr7) under the shade of my dead fathers weathered hat. I have worn this hat both on this walk and while I walked to Pittsburgh, PA from Louisville KY in 2007. All that distance and I just found a long gray hair of dad. I know it must be his as I shave my head and have since before his death. Thanks for coming along Dad!

When it gets above 85 degrees we must shade during the heat of the day (dog rules apply). Today I have begun wrapping his paws. Now that he is grown and can feel the difference he is keeping them on. When he was a puppy he would have nothing to do with paw protection.

It is very windy. VERY windy. And progress has been slow today. I hope we can make it the six or seven miles to the next town. We shall see. As for now many people have stopped her by the road to ask or thank or interview since we began this mid day break. The wind is only getting stronger now.

A woman and her husband just left us. She was told by her doctor she needed to walk to help her manage her diabetes. Her husband had been asking her to walk also. After talking to me she committed to her husband and me she would. She said she reads this page each night. So... Keep your word! I think your husband would love growing old with such a sweet woman as yourself.

Okay, I have nothing else to say for now.

Walking for you, Erik.


racerjg24 said...


General and I enjoyed meeting you this evening. Thank you for talking with us. Good luck on the rest of your journey and also thank you for bringing more awareness to Diabetes.

Michael Jones

Timeshare Jake said...

There was something so amazing in that first paragraph. Little things in life mean the most. Thanks for sharing that. I doubt that scene will ever leave my thoughts. I just found something wonderful in it. Isn't life funny that way.