Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sometimes you just have to grab hold of the rope!

A lot has happened since yesterday when I sat in Defiance. We were invited to a gracious couples modest home in a small subdivision overlooking the Klondike at a boat dock named Augusta Shores. We had to walk a way up a gravel road to get to their home, passing by a waste treatment facility, but it was a very nice place nonetheless. Our host took me this morning through the towns I would walk today in his little chevy so I would be familiar with the route he helped me plan. I would not have made it over the bridge by nightfall without he and his wife's help (Thank you both!)

I left their home late and walked the Katy trail to Augusta where I had lunch and talked to my brother about this website for awhile. (I am a caveman on a computer and my brother is the best! For your web needs contact him at www.tool.net) Then, I walked on through the day to the Bottoms of Augusta and made it to the bridge across the Missouri just in time for sunset. As I walked to the bridge, I remembered the story of the man who was caught in a flood who asked God to save him, but denied help from a boat, a helicopter, and did not grab hold of a log floating by just before he was drowned in the flood. When at the "Pearly Gates" he asked St. Peter why God had forsaken him . St Peter replied, "He did not, you were just too stupid to see his help. He sent you a boat, a rope from a helicopter, and a log!" When half way across the bridge, a small flatbed truck pulled alongside me and I got a ride the rest of the way across... just in time to greet the police who were on their way to apprehend me. We laughed it off and all was well.

I must go for now. Thank you St. Peter for the bridge pass.


Unknown said...

Hey Erik! We met you today on the Katy trail! We were the three girls and two of us had a grandpa who just passed away after a long battle with diabetes. We just wanted to thank you for this incredible effort to increase awareness of this awful disease. We truly believe that what you are doing is going to be beneficial to all those affected by diabetes. Thank you again and we wish you the best on your journey. Give Nice a belly rub for us! :)

Unknown said...

So, ya just had to focus on the waste treatment area and not the magnificent lake view huh?
Anyway hope we fed you enough and you enjoyed a decent night's sleep in a real bed for a change!
It was nice meeting you and our privilege to put you up for a night.
Good luck with the continued success of your "GPS" along the rest of your journey.