Sunday, July 5, 2009

helping hands, and the reason I am here...

I again want to thank the good people who have helped me along the way. Especially those who were there when we were too tired to go on. Their helping and understanding hands kept us well and words can not express my gratitude.

Today is my Mother's birthday. I would prefer to be at her side to celebrate today. I am instead walking across the mid-west spreading a message to those with diabetes to do whatever they can to stay healthy so they my be around in life as long as they can. Diabetes is harsh and devastating in it's many forms.

I know my little walk and message can't help everyone. My mother suffered from adult onset diabetes and could have taken better care of her condition, but she was busy helping others as a State Representative in Kentucky. She worked hard for the rights of many while neglecting herself. She did it out of love for her fellow man, I know. To anyone out there who is too busy, I encourage you to think how much more you could do in a year, or perhaps a decade, if you took the time for yourself, your health, your welfare.

I am here today in Missouri, far from my home walking my dog and pushing the weight of the world before me (metaphors abound), talking to as many good people as will let me about health and walking to prevent or manage diabetes. Please honour your family and take as good care as you can. Today I walk to honour my mother as I do everyday. But on this day if you see us on the road I may be holding back a tear or two.

I am hoping the donations given will help the fight. So, please go to the links on this site and give your Helping Hand.


lpjh643 said...

Eric it was so great to meet you and Nice today. Am am gald that my family and I ran into you today here in St. Peters, MO. I hope that Nice enjoys the dog treats and food that my 2 year old son picked out (he thought it was people food, it looked so good). We wish you luck and safe travels. take care and we will keep up with you.

The Hollingsworth Family

funkyb said...

It was my pleasure to meet you on HWY 94 today (orange shirt & shaved head), and I'm glad I worked up the courage to stop and talk. Like the movie *Waking Life*, the time we spent talking on the guard rail felt right out of a dream to me.

I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to spreading the word about what you're doing. B good-

Joe Presson

Kevin Routh said...

Hi Eric,

I was glad I ran into you and your dog yesterday on highway 94 (in St Peters) - I was the guy on my bike who stopped to talk. You are definately taking the road less traveled through life.
I wish you good luck and good weather on your trek. I've joined your cause on Facebook and will continue to follow you on this blog.

-Kevin Routh

Chris Kaiser said...


It was great to meet you yesterday. I was the one with the camera that stopped you in front of the shell station on Hwy 94 Just East of 40/61. I typically wouldn't pull over and start up a conversation with someone walking down the road but I'm glad I did. I hope you have a safe journey. I have joined the cause on facebook and will be donating.

Thanks Again!
Chris Kaiser, St. Charles MO