Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain, wind, and the forth of July morning in historic St. Charles

Here we are again taking refuge by the gas pumps of a food mart. This one is appropriately named, "On the Run", though the only running we do is across busy intersections.

Yesterday was a tough one, the weather was sunny and hot as we walked the Katy Trail that crossed the Missouri the first of three times to Kansas City. I wanted to cross at least once on our own power. The way may be too dangerous or illegal when we find ourselves crossing it again. We were lucky to have the trail with a bike path built on the side of the express-way yesterday. And, thanks to the cyclist whose knowledge of safe routes, we found ourselves alive on the other side.

I am compelled to be a bit critical of some bikers on the Katy Trail. I was quite stressed at days end by the people who seemed inconvenienced by the world sharing the path. The highway may be safer and cleaner for all concerned.

We have been told to move along from our haven from the rain. We can't be blocking one of these eighteen pumps while the rain comes down in sheets. We must be ++++On the Run++++


Unknown said...

(Technically, the Creve Coeur Park Connector (Page Avenue extension) to Katy trail. ;-)

Curse; Google's "street view" of the I-70 Missouri River bridge, to the West of Columbia, is useless: It was done at night. Maybe in the rain too.

Well the Katy Trail could prove useful there too, if the Interstate is a problem: Close to the bridge, take West Highway BB to Rocheport. Katy Trail to Boonville takes you across a safe pedestrian bridge. Then the Katy Trail goes South-West to cross over I-70. Assuming you want to follow I-70, you'd get off the Katy Trail BEFORE crossing I-70, and take the North access road, West. It'll add, at most, 5 miles to your trip.

Unknown said...

I saw you about 3:00 pm in St. Peters, MO and had no idea what was going on. I just searched on the web and found out. I want to thank you so very much for what you are doing. You are a true HERO!!!!! Thank you

Unknown said...

Hello I saw you about 3pm on Sat July 4th in St. Peters, MO and I had no idea what you were doing. I just searched the web and found out. I want to thank you and tell you that you are a true HERO!!! Thank you for what you are doing for all the people out there..