Sunday, July 26, 2009

resetting the GPS and our first steps into KC

My last posting I said I was going to get off SR-50 and take another route to KC. But, my new found friends came to assist me and I rebooted the GPS, dumped the course change, got back on 50, and soon found myself at the sign, "Kansas City city limits". I took a picture and was about to cross into my goal (though it is just a spur of the large metro area and in no way am I really "in" KC's heart), when several cars pulled up and I was ten minutes before taking the first steps into the city limits. Two and a half miles later, and now the next morning, I am in Raytown and have many miles before I get down town. I probably may not get there by evening. I spent the morning at the van cleaning out some debris from the long trip that I have accumulated and we are about to walk in the sunny day closer to the goal.

I, of course, have mixed feelings about my achievement. It is always good to do what you plan. It is the journey and not the destination as the saying goes. When working on something important I will not be finished and simply go back to my simple life at home in Kentucky. I have many Mountains to climb to help in this cause of diabetes awareness.

I would like your help.


Unknown said...

Can you provide some details for your planned route tomorrow (Monday 257th)?

I'd like to drive by and say hi if possible.

KRH said...

I met you on this day... I talk about it on my blog if you want to check it out :-)