Monday, July 20, 2009

Sedalia Missouri a rest and a blue herron

On Sunday we walked to and most of the wat through Sedalia, again with the help of some very good people who not only helped to move the supply van forward but were able to get us a beatiful guest room at the assisted care facility behind the local Wallmart. Nice (the dog) got some much needed rest and the sweet ladies took me for lunch. I had a restless sleep but was able to wash my walking clothes...

I have spent the lasr hour talking to passers by. Sedalia has been Missouri's redemption. Not to say I have not made many friendships ... The "show me" state has been reserved is the best way I can find to say it. I need to walk rather than write for now.

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Ntchmster5000 said...

Last summer, my husband came home excited that he had seen a peculiar thing: a man with a dog was pushing a giant globe down the side of the road. After months of dying to know the reason, I finally found you! I'm so happy to find out that my search turned up a worthy cause. Thanks for your efforts and for spreading awareness! (Missouri)