Monday, January 10, 2011

Boca Raton and salty Air Beats Brined Roads Back Home

After spending Sunday with my good friends in Ft.Lauderdale resting and troubling where a good place to begin our walk to springtime I realized we were just where we needed to be, we'd start from Dennis' house which is much more hospitable than The National Mall in D.C. Which is where I launched last year when we walked through the Northern states to Acadia Maine. We took some pictures before I left and I remembered again how I dislike myself in photographs- not that it matters when people stop to snap a shot of the world and Nice (the dog). I was anxious as I usually am before I begin but once we started walking and got onto Federal Highway the wind was at my shoulder and it was smooth sailing. The day went well and we found enough shade and nice people who gave Nice (the dog) extra water so the warm sun didn't cook us. The Captain at the Boca Raton Fire Station is allowing us to stay the night on the property. I am so glad firefighters are the best public servants in any state I find myself traveling thru.
Thank You Boca Raton!

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jojo said...

good for you! My friend saw you today walking on US1...

You should ead to W. palm beach the south florida fair starts this weekend.