Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Hard Days Can Be the Best - if you let them.

The wind gave no grace to the weary today. Pushing against the force off the inter coastal as Nice pranced happily on the wall along the water was a labor I thoroughly enjoyed. The walk over the drawbridge to Royal Palms was windy, but the trip back over after seeing the pristine beach was more challenging than any bridge I have crossed. I had to hold my hat band in my teeth so it would not blow away as I had to do when I was defeated by Mount Washington last summer. Then the wind resembled the gail forces of Havre de Grace in Maryland while I labored for every foot northward, and Nice (the dog) alternately pulling me forward or stopping to "read the news" of every palm tree. As always the wind had me end up meeting people at appropriate intervals and finding myself just where I should be in the end. Humbled.


Jeffrey Langlois said...

It was great to run into you yesterday. In case you miss it in today's Palm Beach Daily News you can see it here

good luck and I hope the wind stays at your back

Anonymous said...

Hi Erik

Good to meet you and Nice. Here is a link to my Facebook photos. Safe travels.