Sunday, January 23, 2011

The grinder...

I'm not talking tasty hoagies or subs! The wind coming from the north has been giving me a challenge for each step. I was able to get my quota for Saturday but it was a blister popping day. This sunny cool morning is no different. When I find my way close to Melbourne Fla. Sometime today I will make time to thumb a little more.
For now it's back to the grind!!!

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Anonymous said...

I saw you on US1 in Grant about an hour before this post. I did a U-Turn just to get a picture of you. I thought who in the WORLD would be pushing THE WORLD down the road, I proceeded to post it to facebook and later looked you up online. what a great way to spread awareness. You have now educated at least another 200 people in this area. As soon as I got to work, I told all my Coworkers about what you are doing. AMAZING thats all i have to say. You are a genius.