Wednesday, January 26, 2011

" Good luck, you can go back to sleep now."

I awoke with a start from a dream remembering every detail and character. I sat up and wondered what it meant when a bright light appeared. It was the local police checking to see why a purple van with a large world attached to its rear was parked there. I produced my identification and explained I had gotten permission from the business owner to stay the night and that I was walking to raise awareness for diabetes, that I had begun "this trip" from Fort Lauderdale, that I roll this globe about ten miles each day. Just as I had explained how I get rides from strangers to shuttle the van each day to the officer his commander rolled up and after attempting to explain it to him the patrolman referred the job to me. As I was filling in the blanks the dispatcher called over the radio giving them my name and that I "apparently" was in a purple van, and was walking for charity. The dispatch had been informed of this by the firemen at the station I had stayed by last night, her confusion was quite evident by the tone of her voice. Hearing a woman finally awakened Nice (the dog) as he really likes girls. Seeing the Oh-so-cute dog seemed to soften the commander and I no longer had to continue my story.
Somehow I understand the dream that I had last night - the fireman extinguished this without a drop of water or a turn of a wheel.


Susan said...

I saw you last night and offered you pizza. I have to admit I was a little questionalable when you told me the story. You are doing something really good and I hope people appreciate you. Susan

Anonymous said...

I saw you! I even took photos of you and Nice on US1 in Rockledge. Good luck to you! You certainly do attract attention.
A Fan and fellow dog lover

Anonymous said...

Ello. I saw you!!!! When you were crossing Clearlake today. I`m sad that I didn`t get to talk to you. I think your puppie was cute. I was in the car with my mom and sister and we were like what? haha. You are good at attracting attention.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Keep up the good work! I saw your van in front of the parking lot Little Ceasers last night and was at a lost for words. Now I understand. We need more caring people in the world like you!