Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I met a man today...

This afternoon I was standing in the shade after Nice (the dog) had stopped to lie down for a few minutes when a man pulled off the road to thank me for bringing awareness to diabetes. He was a struggling carpenter with a nine year old daughter and he told me he was an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic. He was on his way to receive a check from a customer so he could get his insulin. We talked about how close some researchers are to finding cures for type 1 diabetics. I offered to give him the $25 so he could go to Walmart and get his bottle of insulin, he wouldn't take it and instead wanted to give me the little change he had. I wouldn't take his money. He was living hand-to-mouth without medical coverage but thought it important to give.
All the work walking and talking I do to encourage exercise for control and prevention is nothing compared to the dedication diabetics MUST have to stay healthy, and still it sometimes is a losing battle. If you can find a way to give to the cause, please do. Whether it be the American Diabetes Association or another organization of your choosing. I will keep walking for this world-wide problem and for people like the man I met today. Please do your part.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erik, I saw you in front of Publix, took your picture, if you would send me your e-mail address, I'll send you a copy of the pix via e-mail. I don't do Facebook, so I can't reach you there.
Gene Lake