Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday in Melbourne

After the strong winds of the weekend I got some relief from the wind as I made my way through much of Melbourne. The busy workweek beginning and the city sidewalks helped give me space to make up some miles. All day I talked to maybe three dozen people. Busy cities are like that. When I spent the day in New York City though a million people took my picture only a few actually stopped to talk. Some cities are like that. When the day was coming to a close I got some help from a guy who went ahead of me to ask for sanctuary at the fire station on the road that parallels US1 one mile inlan
d so I was safe for the night. It turned out the man who had offered a ride the night before works just one stoplight up the same road and was available to get me after he left work so though I didn't speak to a great number of people I was graced with the support I needed for the day.
The highway bay the intracoastal is about to loose it's sidewalk and get more desolate for many miles until the next town so I am going to take the advice of the GPS - good people -and stay inland for some distance northward. The miles added I will make up by having sidewalk. And the barrier from the wind off the water.
The forecast is for heavy winds and bad weather today and Wednesday. As I write this in the wee hours on Tuesday the wind is picking up and slapping the rope and flag on the flagpole outside the Fire station. I will have another challenging day before the heavy rains roll in this evening, if the predictions hold true.
I will put down the Blackberry now and go back to sleep for awhile. Maybe that disturbing dream that awakened me will have cleared from the dreamy slate. A firehouse with no water- boo- scary.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bill,
I hope this note finds you well. I was disappointed not to find you on my way back home yesterday. (I am the girl from the A/C van that stopped you for a chat)I did post your pic on my facebook page as well as a link to Worldguy.org. I wish you well sir! Happy travels and I hope to cross paths with you again : )

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bill, I hope this note finds you well and rested. It looks like you are in for a tough couple of days with the weather. I am so glad I got the opportunity to talk with you even though it was a brief encounter. I wish I'd had more time to chat. I posted a picture of you on my facebook page and it has received quite a lot of attention. Surprised to see how many of my friends also noticed you traveling through their neighborhoods but few knew the reason for your trek. I added a link to your blog along with the picture. All the best to you!
Safe Travels,

Jan MacInes said...

Hi World Guy! It was so nice meeting you and your dog Nice off the side of Wickham Road here in Melbourne, Florida. Thanks for letting me interview you. I'll be sending you pictures and video soon! Jan MacInnes- Space Coast Image, LLC