Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Port St. Lucie Kept the World Safe from the Storm

The rain and threatening weather helped push me from the Roosevelt Bridge all day as the clouds grew thicker and loomed ominous in the early afternoon. Heavy rains were predicted and I took the advice from a man with his family to seek refuge at the new Beautiful Civic Center at Port St. Lucie. I asked if I could just leave the World out of the rain under the grand porch area while I was given a ride to get the van at the bridge. The maintenance crew went a step further and let me take the World in the maintenance warehouse for the night. The whole staff were very warm and helpful. For that I am very grateful.
I did not experience the heavy storms they did farther south, but it rained enough to warrant an afternoon of rest for Nice (the dog) and me. When I did shuttle the support van to the Civic Center and settled in, I had the longest continuous sleep without waking up since I began this adventure, thanks to the helping hands of Port St. Lucie.
We walked only Seven miles but the short day had many good moments. We were invited to a restaurant for lunch and I had some delicious chicken soup and a good conversation with a man who has trained Olympians and champions from around the world. His advice from experience aside from activity was simply to eat broccoli and sweet potatoes. You can't disagree with a champion trainer.
Eat healthy and get moving!


Amanda Tucker said...

I saw you walking along US1 in Fort Pierce earlier this week. What you are doing is absolutely phenomenal and I wish you the best!

Unknown said...

I met you on this day your one amazing man I still rave about u when I go to work I show everyone your article and ur blog of u ever need anything when ur in my neck of the woods just facebook me I would be right there to help!