Thursday, January 20, 2011

It wasn't a bad day - or easy.

First I want to thank the Firefighters of St lucie County for the Nice treatment and breakfast. The rain lasted just long enough to get my rain jacket on an get sweaty. The road to Vero soon opened to highway without a pull-off lane and the world pressed hard against my progress all day. I had to keep off the pavement and with the high wind the temperature slowly baked me despite my drinking lots if water and the occasional dog imposed shade break. I stayed on my feet during these breaks which may have helped drain my reserves. I haven't been so glad to get to a sidewalk at the end of the day. Cold chills signaled I should get out of the sun and end my walking for the day. Today I am wearing long sleeves, I would rather sweat than bake off my energy. After the pummeling of the wind and the sandy grass berm of the highway I was able to get my ten mile goal for the day. No one said this would be easy.
I touched up the worn spots of the world last night before I passed out so I have to wait for the sun to rise and dry the world.
Work hard and enjoy life!


Tom Croom said...

Hey! I just drove past you a little while ago and snapped a photo. Keep up the great work!!/TomCroom/status/28126550268313600

vero chicky said...

Great to of met you today in Vero beach !!!! you are a AWESOME GUY !!!! ALL THE BEST TO YOU !!!

vero chicky said...

here are some videos from today in Vero Beach ! Jan 20, 2011