Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Days : part two

Have I mentioned my cohort, my buddy, my mascot and protector of the World- Nice (the dog)? As this day began I was not the most enthusiastic puppy in the litter while Nice began the day spending most of the first two miles happily playing with the leash as I rolled along the roadside. Usually he does this for a few minutes and then settles in to a quiet pace by my side, today he tugged and jumped back and forth till I couldn't help but pull myself from the fog I was walking in. The first people to stop and talk to us gave me their phone number and agreed to be our support team for the day. As they pulled away I felt relieved to have the ride at the end of the day so soon taken care of. Nice, still frolicked with the leash but stopped suddenly to sniff a small feather in the dew covered grass. I pick up all the feathers I find along the road and they usually appear at special personal moments, like when the dog is cheering me up. I was not paying attention to the ground under my feet and Nice pulled the veil. As I put the small feather in my hat the fog lifted and the sun broke thru, I had indeed been walking in a thick fog.
The day then opened up to lively conversations with many people all day until I made my way to Big Planet Pizza Pub who were happy to let us stay in the parking lot for tonight. The man (a diabetic) we had met first thing this morning came and we retrieved the van, his wife sent Nice a care package and a few things for me, I was able to do a good bit of touch up on the world before the sun lost it's warmth. All in all it was a great day that I owe to my companion who would not let me be sullen on Sunday. We walked over eight and a half miles so we aren't to far off pace, life is good!
"Don't worry, be happy!" As the song goes..

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Linda and Brandon said...

It was a pleasure meeting you today. Best of luck on your journey. Hope the newspaper contacts you.