Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's important.

I have been posting earlier lately but the man who has been helping me the past two days had me over for diner, a shower, a bit of laundry and lively story telling. I guess I couldn't stop after he laughed his beer thru his nose when I hit a punch line while he was taking a drink. It was after midnight when I got back to the World and settled in for sleep. This morning I had to get rolling bright and early so the morning shift at the fire and resue could have the parking space they let me use for the night. I can't repeat enough how grateful I am for the help of our countries' fire and police for their help.
Of all the things I wanted to say last evening before I wondered off in story telling I'd like to relay a theme of many people I have met recently. Many have told me of friends and family who have taken time off or altogether left their carreers for service to others because they felt life was too short and wanted to give something more important than accumulating wealth. This keeps coming up in talking to people I meet and I wonder why.
I guess it's time to leave this comfortable seat at the liars table in the BP station by the expressway and head toward Georgia.
Get out, step out, be happy.

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Unknown said...

Great diaries! It was very nice to meet you in Cocoa this morning!!

I would have loved to talk more but I was on my way to work. Loved the dog too!!!!

Best wishes for both!!!!!