Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling the Burn

The past couple of days the wind has been at my back or over the shoulder but today the North wind was showing it's mean side. I had a day of struggle with no rest and the wind in my face. I forgot the lesson that with hardship comes reward. Without the wind I would have walked past the spot where I met the woman who helped me at the end of the day, instead our paths crossed and I would not have been given a few words that saved my day and my faltering resolve. I may have passed the school yard before the children came out for recess and been cheered on after they asked my cause. Or the thankful response of their teacher who told me she was diabetic. And when I pushed the world aside for the morbidly large guy and cheered him on as he kept a determined pace. Moments like those when my arms are aching and the dogs are barking in my boots keep the world moving.

Courtesy: WPTV Facebook fan, Ann Barson Waltzinger

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