Friday, January 28, 2011


Just past the Titusville marker I rolled into the parking lot of a diner where I met a woman and her boyfriend. She asked my purpose and when I told her I was walking for diabetes awareness. She gave me a hug and lifted her shirt enough to show me the tube in her abdomen for the insulin pump. After she went back in the diner her botfriend stayed and talked with me of how he tries to help her with her condition. He said even though she wears the pump she still "crashes" often and sometimes despite his efforts to help he has to call for the EMT because she becomes disoriented, fights his attempts to get her stable and goes into diabetic shock. This man really loves his girlfriend and the anguish and fear of loosing her was written all over him
It is keeping me awake this early morning. What can I do except to raise awareness and donations toward cures. With help we can "change the world" for diabetics.
But as I lay here unable to sleep I feel pretty useless.


Tonia and Christina said...

Nice to meet you today in the Chinese restaurant parking lot in Titusville. We hope you have a safe journey. I've already gotten the word out on FB about your website!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have Diabetes for 19 years I'm 54 now.In Dec 2010 we were at my sons house in Palm Bay it was the last night we were there and I went to sleep about 11:30 and was woken up by the fire dept at about 3:10 this was the first time I crashed like this and my family couldn't get me up. Needless to say I scared my family and me.I'm waiting to get on the pupm. My son just called me to tell me you are at his fire house now! God Bless you and be safe.
Thank you,
Bob Miraglia

Anonymous said...

I met you in Titusville in the same diner parking lot. My daughter was diagnosed when she was 9 years old with Type 1 diabetes. It was very nice meeting you. I think I speak for all parents of children with diabetes when I say Thank you for your dedication to the cause.