Saturday, January 8, 2011

scayred' south

I couldn't just sit there on the sidelines hibernating for the rest of the winter watching The Biggest Loser and my waistline expand as it has the last four years. I return from my little walks fit yet still far too fluffy and gain the weight back by Christmas. Then pack on a few more for good measure by Spring when I leave again. I have to break this pattern on my own, I have no 'Hard Headed Woman' to" make me do my best" as Cat Stevens' sang. So I paid the piper and here I am in Florida about to burn off some bad habit rendered fat. Walking around my town with Nice(the awesome physic dog) is too little work for me. Years of construction has made me so I can hardly bend over, but I can walk. The gene puddle requires me to be active constantly else I get fat. I have lifted more weight than many who go to the gym daily while working with my hands and after decades of that I can hardly bend from the nerve damage. I became a Carpenter so I would have something to fall back on when I grew up and found a career but life,family and my love of sweat and hard work delayed that plan. I have the brains to sit by a desk and be a success but my back won't allow me to sit for long hours. Or I could be an advocate for prevention, control and curing diabetes, a cause I am passionate about. Still be active, do some good while keeping my weight off, bring the world closer to finding cures for those who suffer from diabetes by helping to raise funds and coax fellow fluffy folks to fitness instead of disease.
I came to Florida for fear of gaining too much Winter weight and it will be too hot in spring in South Florida so I have two months to make a difference.

Once again I have much to say and only two thumbs to say it with...more tomorrow.

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