Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twelve Miles from Jupiter

First came the drawbridge and then after a short stint of side walk the sandy edge of the highway. Many stopped to talk, more than usual on such a road than I would ever have thought. Connecticut , New jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Wisconsin, Maine, and even D.C. were represented as the day progressed. Nice had a great time as a five year old girl bounced on his back, played with him and patted him all over. I found someones checkbook by the side of the road just before the guarded entrance of a country club so when the guard called out to me and praised me for what I was doing I asked if he could make sure it was returned. The house security had a cart come get it moments later and I felt the matter in the best of hands. A transient with a backpack passed. As this was happening and Nice did not approve of his demeanor. Had I not found the checkbook, well, I am glad I did. The only time I sat down by the road and rested at a guardrail several stopped, one after another. Nice enthusiastically dug a frog hole shoulder deep, his head and neck buried while we talked. Walking along the Hobe Sound reserve was interesting and then into the town I was welcomed with many good people of all ages and type. When I arrived at the van which we spotted ahead this morning a hot meal was waiting for us,but with meals like these as gifts I will not loose any inches from my waistline. It is just rude to turn it down. After a few more visitors I would judge this a great day. I even found a small hawk feather for the hat.

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Anonymous said...

Hi World Guy :-) My husband and I saw you yesterday on US-1 in Hobe Sound. Very cool what you're doing!