Friday, January 21, 2011

From Vero to the other side of the coin.

When the paint finally dried from touching up the world and the live radio interview was passed I began the days trek north and was approached by half a dozen folks before I left the parking lot. This was how the day went as I talked to nurses and pharmaceutical reps, business owners, women with their children, and many appreciative diabetics.

I had to chuckle to myself when a tall young man dressed to look cool tried to get far enough ahead of us to take a picture with his phone, but because he was wearing his pants down around his thighs he couldn't quite get the distance he needed. After I turned and shot a picture of him he got the message and pulled them up over his butt and got out in front. He still looked cool enough to walk the streets of Vero. ,

The progress up US1 was steady despite the television, newspaper, internet reporter and also Vero Beaches own Twitter sensation - Vero Chicky who took good care of us with a tasty Subway meal that was right on time.

A nice old woman brought a bag of dog food and apologized for it's size because she was so old it was as much as she could carry. One time I was thankful for old age as my backpack is heavy enough with the things I may need through the day. A private ambulance driver revived the World with a shot of air to keep the earth rolling and we even received a traffic flag from a road crew so I could wave cars over as I crossed a narrow bridge (I wish I had that one day sooner). I came to a fire station and had to decide whether to keep moving or stop for the day. So, I flipped a dime and, as chance would have it, we ventured on.

Within a few minutes a young man pulled off and as I rolled up he unwrapped a didgeridoo from a sheet and asked if he could play for us. I have been blessed on the side of the road by priests, pastors, Buddhist monks, families, and individuals who stopped for prayer. So a Rainbow Kid with an Australian wind instrument couldn't hurt. He blew a lively didg and circled the World as I spoke to an old woman who was as delighted as I for the experience.

Just as the sun set we made our way to a CVS store where the night manager agreed to watch the World while a woman I had met in the morning came and whisked us to the van thirteen miles south. When I returned I was approached by many people before I could roll the World over to the van. The day ended as it began, filled with happy conversation and interesting people.
What will today bring as I wonder, I wonder?

I see lightning! Maybe a day for rest.

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