Sunday, January 16, 2011

"If six turned out to be nine, I don't mind."

All I'd heard was the Roosevelt Bridge was five or six miles from where I began this morning. As far as I could tell that was the longest six miles I had ever traveled. It being Sunday, and the seventh day of walking for this new venture, I was going to have a relaxed walk and just get over the bridge, find a safe spot and call it a good day.

The sun rose higher, then passed over to the West as I walked from Hobe Sound and thru Stewart. The few people I asked confirmed the bridge was just a short way but still the bridge never came into sight. I didn't mind as I met scores of people and enjoyed the day fully. Kayakers, teachers, retirees, bikers, homeless, church-going Jamaicans, the founder of The Love Yourself Movement (more love to come at a later date), an enthusiastic young man happily told me something I had forgot, "You're livin' the dream!", and more.

The day was full and the miles passed without notice. When I finally arrived within sight of the bridge I had a plan to take the old Dixie Highway drawbridge and as luck would have it the bridge had been closed for the weekend due to a boat show at the opposite side. This made it very easy for us to cross without having to hurry or get in the way of traffic. A policeman had called ahead, and I was welcomed thru and was able to go around the show by way of a grassy drainage trench. When I got back to US1 the sun was almost setting and I made my way to a safe end spot and the man who had offered me a ride to the van pulled up. The day couldn't have gone more graciously. Like the man said, "When you love yourself the world loves you back." So, the best things in life are free and Loving yourself doesn't cost a dime.

I know,that has nothing to do with walking to help prevent and control diabetes...Or does it?

The six miles turned into eleven and a half, but was worth every step extra for the people I met.

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