Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Claims to Fame

All towns, large and small, have something that makes them special. Boston has the Joslin Diabetes Center, among many other things. This morning we are leaving Leominster near the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed on our way to the second most hilly town in the states, so it is said; Fitchburg Massachusetts. Along the route of the Boston Marathon we passed the home of the Electric Clock. I have been in the bell town and the city that was nearly our nation's capitol. Who knows what historic marker we'll see today hidden among the weeds.


Anonymous said...

I saw you guys on 2A in Westminster today! You should stop at Bionostics in Devens... they manufacture the calibration solutions for the diabetes test kits.

Ellen D. said...

Saw you on your way through Westminster and was intrigued! I think it's a great cause! Keep up the good work :)