Sunday, June 13, 2010

Misty Skies after a Day in the Rain

I can't blame my son or the dog for staying asleep and under the covers with the mist falling and the sky fully blanketed in grey. We are in a quiet parking area wher the local police helpfully led us and here we will stay until I can quell this sleeping mutiny. Mist will get you wet before you realize it. Saturday we were rained on and walked over seven miles, most of it over wet grass and roads so a late start is the best I can hope for this grey Sunday.

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dzarfrommarl said...

How fascinating! I saw you in Dunkin" Donuts this morning but did not know who you were. Then about an hour later, I was at the only traffic light (but it won't be the only one for much longer) in town when my daughter spotted World. I vaguely remembered reading something about it yesterday, so while I was there at the red light, I snapped a photo. After the light turned green and I drove by, then I saw you behind World. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop and say hi.I hope you enjoyed your stop in Marlborough. I got pits in my stomach reading about your trip across the Middletown-Portland bridge (the Arrigoni). I hate driving across it. I couldn't imagine walking it and getting World across as well. And just this April, I took the cog up Pike's Peak where I proceeded to get sick. So I am absolutely in awe that you climbed it and took World with you. Much luck to you in the remainder of your voyage!