Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleeping Late

6:30 am comes to soon after a relaxing shower and a cool nights sleep with the dog curled up under the covers. With miles to go and the bustle of the greenway of Middlebury just accross the road. The morning walkers and pitter patter of small dogs feet makes it hard to stay asleep. Of coarse, I am joking. We walked from Southbury yesterday and walked several miles in the safety of the greenway walking path along the road to town when I had to stop for a rest. One foot was barking and my other's Achilles heal is still recovering from the grass covered hole I fell in way back in Maryland as I walked into Havre De Grace, The city who lost the privilage of being our nations capitol by one vote - the locals proudly boast this fact-. Whuile sitting we noticed the Volunteer firehouse across the road. Soon a woman pulled up to ask our purpose and soon we were offered a ride to the support van and allowed to stay over at the firehouse parking lot. We could not have planned it better if we tried. We had walked ten miles and though I wanted to go farther we all agreed you can't argue with favorable circumstance.
Connecticut is beautiful and the people that do stop are a joy to meet.

I have to get going now to wake up the boys and add a little pressure to our world before our day of walking.

Good morning Connecticut!


mas48 said...

Nice to meet you on the Greenway this AM Erik - I'm the guy who took the photos, and I called the local paper as well; hopefully you'll get some press. If I can get your email, I'll get the photos to you. Have a good journey, thanks for taking some time to talk, and God's Speed! Mike

Unknown said...

I saw you walking through Middlebury just past the firehouse and a friend of mine spotted you headed toward Naugatuck on Rt 63.

If I saw you sooner I would have opened up the firehouse and you would have had another Fire Department welcoming you with a few photos.

Keep up the good work!

Frank Martino

Brenda Chleikh

Anonymous said...

Keep Up the good work! If you enter Windham/Willimantic give me a call and I will hook you up with some fantastic pizza! Tisha 860-377-3379