Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walking. Does a Body Good.

I have walked in sixteen states and talked to thousands of great, warm hearted people. I wish everyone had a reason to go on a trek so they could enjoy the richness of chance meetings, passing conversations that stay with you for a lifetime, and the beauty that you can only glimpse through the trees as you stroll slowly along. Walking is a low impact way to get fit, even if you are a fat man like myself but if you do it long enough the benefits are countless, for body and mind.

My son has joined me and in this full week of walking he has gotten his smile back thanks to the therapy of the people we have met who tell their story as he shares his. I have moments everyday that make me think, laugh, and sometimes cry like a girl; which enrich me forever. I'm happy I can share this with my son and you, my neighbors from a few states over. Words can't express what only a passing smile shares so deep.

Some say there are no chance meetings, and things occur for a purpose. Like the wind storm Sunday that blew a tree down and caused us to meet a wonderful family of friends, and them to meet their neighbor from across the street after ten years. We were talking with two women yesterday who asked us to walk back to the front of their store for a picture, as I hesitated, the wind reversed directions and blew the World back toward their door where we laughed and had a good time smiling for a moment out of our busy day.. It was just the Wind...

So, get out and walk a little, you may see a stream through the trees,or have a "chance" meeting with the love of your life, or a neighbor you have yet to meet, who knows? Surely not the wind.


Shaver said...

I saw you guys this morning in Southbury on RT.67. I made sure to facebook and twitter your whereabouts. I think everyone must know someone who suffers with diabetes. Good luck on your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see ur making good progress. Ur story and our chance meeting, tho brief, has made an impact and I have not missed a day checking your status good friend. Hope u stay safe and be mindful of the ever dangerous traffic.
- the Trooper

Brendan C. said...

I saw you today in Southbury as well. I was glad I got a glimpse of your URL on the globe as I drove by, else I wouldn't have known what this was all about :) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your out doing what you love Erik. Still think of you (and Nice) often. It was a pleasure meeting you last summer in Illinois. Have a safe trip and God Bless.