Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Wind and My Nasty Habit

It is a beautiful, cool morning while I watch the skies fill with light and the sun begins to rise. Our first day in Connecticut was filled with sun, rain,wind and interesting twists of chance or fate. We began walking after a cloudy morning, then when the sun cleared through the sky we started from Walmart after talking with several people as we prepared to go. I was stuck by the stark difference from the state we just left. All states have their own flavor and Connecticut is very nice. The first car to stop quickly pulled to the side so not to hold up traffic, I was thankful and relieved after our Saturday walk in New York where I was left a nervous wreck by so many cars stpping in the road with traffic bearing down on them. During the time we walked yesterday just one car did it, but she stopped in a yellow painted turning lane for just a moment before moving along safely.
The clear skies turned dark and windy as we walked. We walked up a side road that winded away and then back to the main road as it climbed a hill with gaurdrails on both sides. It began to sprinkle and I saw a good place to put out our little tent shelter but stubbournly pressed on with the feeling we would find a better spot or the weather would blow over. Blow over it did, We made it back on the highway and up a little further when the rain came on hard. We rolled into a small patch of trees at the next street and I heard trees crashing close by us from the stong gusts but only saw a small branch fall as I tied the world to a tree and began to set up the tent. We were getting drenched. Then a young woman appeared to ask if there was anything she could do to help. She had seen the World in the woods andeven in the blowing storm she had to know. If I could get a ride to the supply van I could get us dry clothes, shelter etc. She called her father who said he would help with the ride.
The strong wind had blown the top of a large tree across their drive but he was able to drive around the house to take me back the four miles . He offered for us to stay on their property untill morning and I offered to help clear the tree from his yard as I have been rolling a huge ball for hundreds of miles and could use a change of pace. Plus the World does much better when I let it dry a bit.
By the time we had cleared the huge tree top from the drive and another chore which needed my help they had offered us dinner and lodging in the garage loft/studio for the night. We had a wonderful evening with them. I am always amazed at the beautiful people we meet thanks to the wind and chance. I am glad I was able to do something in return for the kindness.

Now on to the nasty habit. I checked for comments to the blog and an annonomous reader asked " Are cigarette good for diabtes?" The answer is no! My NASTY habit. I would like to stop. As the saying goes " Don't do anything you would not want written in the newspaper." I am sorry I have this nasty habit and the comment does not go without shame. I will keep trying to stop. I'd like to say I will stop because of one annonmous comment. I can only keep struggling with that demon.

This morning we wil continue traveling north east across Connecticut toward Rhode Island for diabetes awarness. And I will hang my head a little lower when I lite up.

Thank you to the wonderful family and their generousity, without them we would have been quite miserable.


kbits said...

I am a very close friend of the family you stayed with in CT. He told me your story this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. It's so wonderful to hear about kindness in this world. You are headed into some very beautiful parts of this country, I hope you get to see the ocean in RI. Have a safe journey, I will say prayers for you on your travels and I will spread the word for your cause. God Bless.

Jean said...

Just saw you walking by our office on Church Hill Road in Newtown. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just saw you in Newtown, CT. It's a beautiful day for a walk!

Paula said...

Saw the "world" , you wife and dog pass me by this noon, on Church Hill rd. in CT. That was some storm we had yesterday....glad today is cooler and drier. The best of luck on your journey and hope Ct and its people treat you well.