Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I just got a comment that said I blew off someone who came to talk to me on the road. I am sorry I hurt their feelings. I may have been tired. I may have been watching traffic bearing down on them when they weren't. I may have been having a flashback of New York where bluntness is the norm. We talk to sometimes hundreds of people each day and I am sorry I was short and hurt feelings. Maybe I will get a chance.

P.S. Coca-Cola coworkers, yes we stayed in his driveway.


Anonymous said...

I saw you on Sunday and Monday on rt. 66. Didn't know what you were about until I met Tori at UConn. She told me that she bought you and your dog breakfast. Good Luck in your travels.

Anonymous said...

Mark of Coca-Cola has the biggest heart and will do anything he can for a fellow neighbor ! We are so proud of him and we were NOT AT ALL surprised when he told us that he and his wife had asked you to stay with them for food, shelter, fresh laundry and showers ! We are proud to have him on our team and we know that in the very short time of your stay, you must have been proud to have gotten to know him as well. Good Luck in your travels, we pray for safety and kindness along the way !