Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking a Knee in NEW YORK!

We just walked into New York State and are having a well deserved shade break. Nice the dog is digging a deep hole and his whole head is covered with dirt while looking for a frog. He is happy to look but I don't think he will find one that deep.
Thanks to the people in New Jersey who have helped us since Pennsville where we began our visit through New Jersey.
Hello New York!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great meeting you guys at Pies On Pizza today in Pear River NY. Hope you enjoyed your Italian Ice. It's so nice to see people doing something positive for Diabetes awareness. Have a great journey!

Anonymous said...

the people from Argenzia's deli just wanted to make sure you hit the new york border. We saw you yesterday in emerson nj and told you it would take ten to fifteen miles to NY. good luck keep truckin

Anonymous said...

Hello World Guy, We saw you walking in River Edge NJ today and wanted to wish you the best in your quest. It's admirable for you to have embarked on this journey and certainly people are taking notice along the way. Hugs to Nice from us as well! PK and PB