Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Two days ago we began our day in Connecticut and were walking on SR 6 East when we came to Cross Road. I turned to my son and joked about the name, then. The State Troopers came and told us that we had to deflate the World so they would stop getting calls about our walking on the roadside. They thought our cause was good an would allow us to walk without the World suggesting we just walk in towns. We had walked in downtown Willimatic the day before where I had to roll out in the street often because the sidewalks were too cluttered. The two young troopers were unmoved by my pile of news articles and firehouse patches or that we had been on the local Tv news in recent days. They walted no more calls and we had to go, anywhere but there.
We were given a ride back to the van and I deflated the World there on the roadside and drove the rest of the way out of the state. I drove the speed limit and the only car to pass me was pulled over a mile ahead by the same state trooper who had been concerned for the rubber neckers who may keep a'callin.

Yesterday we walked twelve miles across the Northwestern corner of Rhode Island before the rain caused us to bounce to the nearest Walmart in Massachusetts to begin our edging over to Boston. The sky was sunny early, then the clouds and rain moved in until a few moments ago. We will begin our days in this fine state from Whitinsville with a strong wind to guide us.

Godbye to Connecticut and Rhide Island an hello to Massachusetts!


Anonymous said...

i looked out the window right before 12:00 and saw this guy rolling a giant earth down the street. i was in the old mill building watching you while i ate my lunch wondering what were you doing. ive sceene a lot of weird things looking out these windows so just figured you were another one. i kept trying to see what was written on the globe while i ate my sandwich. i finally saw it and looked it up when i got home. I am diebetic as of 2 years now. good luck in your travels. if i new what you were doing i would have come out and talked to you and your dogs and friend. have a safe trip.

Alex said...

I saw you in Whitinsville today, and I found your website, I looked because I was confused that a globe was traveling down main street. You have a great cause!