Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Special Deliveries with a Smile

I got a visit late last night from a fireman of Columbia who gave me a patch and more compliments than I deserve. I am just a man walking with a little message to walk and be fit for your health. Still, I am thankful for the support.

This morning I rose and when I got to the road I was met by a man on a mustang with friendship muffins on a silver platter, he shared one with me. ( I am not kidding, literally a platter and a Mustang... Convertible).

With. Sunny skies and an equal disposition I think it will be a warm day figuratively and literally. Thanks to our Hostess last nightn a woman of beautiful design and a big heart.!!!

Have a great, sunny day Connecticut!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful and amazing that you are devoting your time and effort to such a cause. Thank you for doing what you are doing. I hope everyone treats you with kindness and hospitality along the way. Stay safe. God bless.

~Former CT girl moved South :-)