Thursday, June 3, 2010

late Night Post...

I just woke up stiff and sore, ibubrofen takes away the pain enough to be able to turn over while I sleep. Enough whining for now.
The walk on Wednesday was pleasant in the morning , we walked through miles of neighborhoods in Paramus County and during the day as the temperature increased I was thankful for helpful directions from the trooper we met last night led us along tree lined streets so we could have some relief from the heat. Still, we did take several shade breaks. We stopped at the edge of a park area where the canopy hung over the road o snack on the few clementines and chips I had brought along and a postal worker gave Ethan a snack can of sausages and his coke. The man also called the weekly newpaper who sent a reporter who graciously let me fill some air in the world that had become soft in the shade during our break. The earth ball we roll all these miles is over thirty years old and the inner bladder is beginning to fail around the fill hole where the water bed sized hole meets the rubber fabric. My brother has been calling the california company that's still sells the large activity balls as a special order item online but I am guessing the economy is so brisk in calf they don't have time to answer messages. I will have to make do with gluing the fragile seam and hope the world can endure the strain of the precious gas leaking from it's ocean all day until a way is found to repair the leak.
Maybe I should not get up in the middle of the night to peck out a post, I do tend to wax on about nothing at times like these...
During the day I met a man very active in diabetic fundraising and awareness. His wife works for a company that makes needles especialy for diabetics and his family has diabetics . We talked of the importance of awareness and activity. Another man stopped whose son was type 1, we also had a good conversation. The day was filled with moments like these. Some days are filled with sad tales of lost loved ones and amputations and blindness. I prefer the days where awareness prevails.
We ended our day in a new county and were helped by a fireman who shuttled me back for the van and helped to get permission to park behind the police complex. Again, I am grateful for all the support we get from our sponsors, the people we meet along the way.

The boys are snoring, I think I'll join them.
Goodnight New Jersey. This may be the last night we sleep under your care, I will miss you.

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