Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Good People System

We walked using the google walking route all day yesterday which led us through many borroughs and to Dominics pizza who offered a slice as a rain burst forced us inside. Then we were led into the heart of Paterson where rolled through some modern culture. The smells of the shops mixed with the slight smell of inner city road kill was quite an experience for the nose. We passed by a man training a young pit bull for a bad endn and heard an old guy "OG" back down some young men who had bad intent as we passed . He had just come up to shake my hand , having heard from the street talk we were walking for diabetes.
We had good talks with some folks as well, no neighborhood or culture is free from diabetes. But the dirt from the city left our world grey as we walked over the side streets of paterson. The google directions had an error that led us a mile off coarse and after having to rush to get out of the rain in a local park a good man gave us hand written instructions to a nice area. It was growing close to nightfall and our usual good person system had not emerged out of patersons hard streets. We had no ride to retrieve the support van until the last moment by a generous family in a good neighborhood. I usually try to get to a firehouse or the parking lot of Walmart, with the google directions these considerations are not factored in.
Today, after some hand written instructions from a state trooper who lives in the neighborhood we will go back to the true GPS, the good people of New Jersey who know the streets and don't send us down two forks off the same intersection like google did yesterday.
Have a wonderful day New jersey. We will be leaving you soon.

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