Friday, June 4, 2010

Over the Tappan Zee Bridge and a Maintainence Day in Sleepy Hollow

Yesterday we walked a bakers' dozen to get as far as we could to the Tappan Zee Bridge which needed to drive over across the Hudson. Thanks to the help of the man in the Mini who gave me a ride back to Oradell we sayed in a mall parking lot till this morning when we drove into Sleepy Hollow NY. We found a coin laundry and then I went and reviewed what we were doing at the Sleepy hollow police headquarters. They looked at our google walking route printout and recommended a more direct version for the first twelve to fifteen miles. Since it is late in the day I was told a place we could stay over night and they have note of our vans description and plates in case we should. Find ourselves delayed in returning. Now I can take the rest of the day to recoat the world after the rain from Wednesday that was unusually hard on the world thru Paterson NJ. I can't rush progress and destroy the only world I have.
Thank you to the helpful law officers of Sleepy Hollow. We will start off fresh and clean in the morning into the hills of New York.

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